Specialty Pharmacy

Here for you and your patients

Our specialty pharmacy specializes in chronic treatments. SSRx offers white glove specialty pharmacy service to patients & physicians seeking care in these chronic therapies.

We offer reimbursement support with PA, Appeals & PAP programs. Adherence management, Free cold chain logistics, Clinical counseling. Our Specialty Pharmacy & Infusion pharmacy are URAC accredited.

We follow through and communicate at every step of the prescription process. Our HCP Portal provides on demand information to physicians about their patient’s prescription.


Receives fax & escribe orders, process the prescriptions/refills, send acknowledgements


Benefits verification, prior authorization assistance, copay assistance

Customer Service Representative

Patient calls, delivery and shipping scheduling

Filling & Consulting

Prescription filling, prescription verification, Patient counseling, patient education, compliance documentation

How it Works

3 Easy Steps to Prescribe


Being an innovative pharmacy is the key at SSRx. We make sure that your office can send the prescription to us in the easiest way possible.


Once we receive the prescription we touch base with the patient. It is our goal to alleviate any question patients might have at the point of initial contact.


Keeping the patients we care for informed is important, which is why we make sure that we communicate with your office at each step.

Specialty Pharmacy

SSRx is an innovative pharmacy, which is an important piece to our success as a company. Your office can send the prescription in whatever way is the most simple for you. When we get each specialty prescription we will contact the patient. Our goal is to reduce the number of questions your patients may have from the first interaction. It is important to us to keep patients informed, which is why we have great communication with your office at each step.When a customer call, we quickly and efficiently process the order and notify each party that is involved. We verify insurance coverage and arrange copay assistance as appropriate so patients do not have to have the added burden of medication expenses.

Specialty Pharmacy

SSRx is an innovative pharmacy.