Retail Pharmacy

Here for you and your patients

Our retail pharmacy is a high volume pharmacy where we fill the vast majority of non-specialty medications.

We take care of all the patient’s medication needs and prescriptions are transferred internally to our other pharmacies as needed.

We work with the patients to verify insurance coverage and arrange copay assistance as appropriate so patients pay as little as possible for their meds. We offer curbside delivery and home delivery.

We have a patient liaison who works with HIV patients to reduce their copays to $0. We also participate in State of TX programs to provide HIV meds to indigent patients.


Receives fax & escribe orders, process the prescriptions/refills, send acknowledgements


Benefits verification, prior authorization assistance, copay assistance

Customer Service Representative

Patient calls, delivery and shipping scheduling

Filling & Consulting

Prescription filling, prescription verification, Patient counseling, patient education, compliance documentation

Committed to Excellence

Diversified pharmacy services

We are committed to providing diversified pharmacy services and premium pharmaceutical products that include durable medical equipment and supplies.

Services at our pharmacy are of the highest standard, providing customers with top-quality medication, consultation services, and superior customer care.

At SSRx we offer:

  • Vitamins
  • OTC Medications
  • Prescription Medications
  • Compliance Packaging
  • Prescription Pick-Up/Delivery
  • and more!

Here for you and your patients

Customized Order Forms

We customize your order forms to reflect what you commonly order. Order forms will include pre-medications if applicable, anaphylaxis reaction standing order, your name, address, DEA number, phone number and fax.

These forms can be in paper/ pad form, PDF or fillable and easily accessible on-line at Order Forms