With increasing specialty drug spend and associated patient care complexities, Southside understands the needs of payers to appropriately and effectively manage specialty drug utilization.

We take a holistic approach to patient care management and drug utilization. We go beyond just dispensing and auto re-filling expensive specialty products. We employ optimal patient care management through actionable data analysis which maximizes patient engagement and clinical outcomes. Our capabilities include:

Actionable Data Analysis 

Southside understands the cost burden of specialty medicines. Only through transparent and actionable data analysis can payors truly begin to understand how to create and implement effective utilization management programs. By including Southside in your specialty pharmacy network, you will receive actionable data analysis allowing you to better understand drivers of unnecessary spend such as:

  1. Non-adherence and compliance
  2. Lack of effective patient engagement
  3. Ineffective prior-authorization and other utilization management programs

Support of Value-Based Contracting

Southside is uniquely positioned to support payors with value and outcomes based contracts with manufacturers. As an independent specialty pharmacy, Southside will be an objective 3rd party in managing your pharmacy benefit plans impacted by value based contracts and validating their outcomes through our unique clinical data analytics and specialty pharmacy management platform.

Comprehensive Case Management and Customer Service

As a trusted partner on your care team, our staff will follow your member’s case to ensure their journey through the process goes smoothly. We will guide your members through all parts of the therapy journey, from initiation of therapy and on-boarding, to maintenance and adherence compliance, and our team will coordinate the activities required to ensure your members receive support in a timely manner.

Our team of experts include:­­­­ Clinical Pharmacists, Pharmacy Techs, Patient Care Manager, Nursing Team, and Home Health Team.