At Southside, we understand that healthcare today can be a complex and confusing journey. Our Southside patient care team provides the following services:


Comprehensive Case Management

As a trusted partner on your care team, our staff will follow your case to ensure your journey through the process goes smoothly.


Reimbursement Support

Our reimbursement experts will review a patient’s pharmacy and /or medical benefits and provide coverage details to patients before medications are dispensed. The reimbursement team will also provide the following: Prior Authorization Support, Appeals Support, Financial Assistance, Co-pay Assistance, and Free Delivery.


Clinical Support

Our teams of experts are dedicated to ensure patients optimize their therapy and get the clinical support they need to help improve health outcomes. We are there for every step of the patient care journey.

Our team of experts include:­­­­ Clinical Pharmacists, Pharmacy Techs, Patient Care Manager, Nursing Team, and Home Health Team.


Hearing/Visually Impaired or Language Translation Services

We offer additional service for Hearing or Visually Impaired patients. We also offer translation services of over 240 languages for Non-english speaking patients.