Infusion Management Services

Here for you and your patients

Utilizing the SSRx team of experts as your Infusion Management Services enables prescribers and their staff the ability to focus on tending to patients in clinic, while offering a service line that is convenient, safe, and generates additional revenue without additional strain on the practice.

SSRx offers turnkey Infusion Management Services, from authorization, scheduling, providing infusion nurse, and revenue cycle management.

Turnkey Infusion Management Services

Medication acquisition, Infusion suite set-up, Perpetual inventory management, Patient scheduling, Patient reminder calls, Co-Pay collection, Custom order forms

Prior Authorization

Complete PA support, Co-pay enrollment, Patient assistance network services, Appeal claims

Experienced Infusion Nursing Staff

Proficient IV skills, Knowledgeable staff, Caring and reliable, Continuity of care

Prompt Accurate Medical Billing

Billing specialist, Internal quality assurance of notes, Tracking of payments

Here for you and your patients

Customized Order Forms

We customize your order forms to reflect what you commonly order.Order forms will include pre-medications if applicable, anaphylaxis reaction standing order, your name, address, DEA number, phonenumber and fax. These forms can be in paper/ pad form, PDF or fill-able and easily accessible on-line.