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Rx Forms

Southside Group of Companies is happy to provide for your patient’s prescription medication needs. We want to make it easy for you or your patient to request for the prescription meds they require. Medications are essential in the treatment plan or the patient’s recovery plan. With this, we shall do what it takes to fulfill our obligation as pharmacists in the overall effort of health preservation.

Southside Group of Companies hopes to help you provide for the medication and health needs of your patients. Serving practitioners, physicians and health care professionals like you will surely strengthen our name as well as yours in the healthcare medical community. Let us work together to achieve your patients’ best health possible!

Below, you will find a list of the online PDF forms that can be used to request for the medications in your prescription plan. You can download the PDF files and print them for e-prescribers. Or, you can also visit our pharmacy for printed copies.

After the form(s) has been filled with the required information and submitted, Southside Group of Companies will:

  • Coordinate with the insurance provider for applicable claims
  • Facilitate patient access to medications by obtaining Prior Authorization (PA) or Financial Assistance (FA)
  • Strive to provide feedback to the physician or the patient’s representative on the status of their request within 48 hours from receipt.
  • Coordinate delivery of the requested meds once approvals are granted

Upon request, we also offer consultations, medication therapy management, prescription reviews and drug interaction reviews for your patients. Please call Southside Group of Companies at 713-660-8888 to inquire further. Our sales representatives will be happy to help you in every way they can.