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Retail Pharmacy

retail pharmacyWhat started as a small retail pharmacy over 20 years ago has grown into so much more. Now with more than 10 retail locations in three states, Southside Group of Companies will continually strive to be one of the leading health care providers in the areas we serve. We want to provide the best products and services for the most important part of our business; “the customer.”

At Southside Group of Companies, our goal is to completely exceed your expectations of both customer service and pharmacy care. We are community pharmacies dedicated to providing quality products, professional excellence and service; tailored to meet the needs of our local communities.  We offer you the opportunity to experience consistent high quality pharmacy services with every patient contact.​

 If you are tired of the typical pharmacy experience with long lines, long waits, and stressed out pharmacists, wait no further. Unlike large chain pharmacies, we are community-based and strive to provide a family-like atmosphere for all of our customers. 

Our pharmacists are passionate about providing individualized care to each customer, including one-on-one counseling for prescription and health issues, and care coordination to ensure that prescriptions are authorized and expedited.

We listen to and care about our patients’ concerns and tailor all of our compounded medications to the needs of each individual patient. We also work very closely with physicians and other health care providers to determine the best possible therapy for our patients.