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Southside Group of Companies is a a pharmacist owned and operated company that was established in 1992. We helped a huge number of families to get well and stay healthy.

The high level of personal attention and service we give our customers has allowed us to diversify our services to include Specialty, Infusion, Home health and Chronic Disease Management.

Our success is based on our Four Prong Approach; Innovation, Initiative, Adaptability and Teamwork.

Innovation – Southside Group of Companies believes in the power of innovation. We have a proven track record of innovative Leadership that stretches back a decade. While we do not have all figured out, we are improving consumers’ lives in small and meaningful ways. Our Mantra: Touching Lives, Improving Life!

Initiative – As a company we show it by staying up to date with new treatments and new medications. Our employees demonstrate it by doing their job well, by going above and beyond to assist a customer or complete an assignment, by continuing their education and by volunteering in the communities that we serve.

Adaptability – is the most important of our four prong approach. In our business is not the biggest pharmacy or the one with the biggest location or even the most intelligent company that survives; it is the company that is the most adaptable to the customers’ needs that will thrive, grow and survive.

Teamwork – Southside Group of Companies assigns staff to assist each customer according to their needs. To this end we create teams that dedicate themselves to the well being of our clients and coordinate and assist with internal and external sources to achieve successful and healthy results.

Our Goal

To become your one stop source for all of your needs and become the provider of choice for Specialty, Infusion, Home Health, and Chronic Disease Management. We will pursue our goal responsibly and be fully aware of the impact our activities will have on the well-being and safety of our communities. By accomplishing our goal, we benefit our patients, the families we serve, the health care providers we partner with, and our staff.

Guiding Principles

We foresee the needs of, and react and respond to request from our clients, customers, physicians, pharmacists and plan participants in a proactive way.
We maintain the beliefs and convictions characterized by our philosophy of patient care by emphasizing accountability, physician support, information access and focusing on value and prevention as a benefit to our patients.
We are committed to the highest standards of ethical and moral business practices with our patients, clients, physicians, vendors and our employees.
We partner with internal and external customers to encourage business connections and relationships that result in providing generous, substantial and lasting value for our clients.
Employee Development
We create an environment that fosters and values diversity and respect for our employees and create opportunities for personal and professional growth